Systems Integration

Infrastructure Services

A flexible and reliable infrastructure is of key importance for commercial enterprises.

Coreit Data Center services answer the challenges of:

  • Business dependency on information technology. As IT agility, service quality, and spending are now directly correlated to business imperatives such as revenue, productivity, and reputation, this drives the need for datacenter transformation
  • High quality and cost-effective outsourcing, applicable to a wide range of environments requiring comprehensive, consistent and integrated end-to-end managemen
  • Industry need for low-maintenance, fast deployable, temporary infrastructure, highly reliable and flexible IT facilities at remote sites


Virtualisation technology, which offers users the ability to pool their hardware resources, is playing a major role in making IT more flexible and cost-effective.More than just virtualising physical assets, Coreit leverages the power of virtualisation to enable greater efficiency across servers, storage, and networks. Through our proven, incremental server-to-storage-to-network data centre virtualisation and consolidation strategies, we help your business optimize overall performance and efficiency to leverage the benefits of a unified data centre, including:

  • Fewer management points
  • Increased sharing among applications
  • Greater agility
  • Standardisation
  • Better overall performance
  • Reduced infrastructure footprint
  • Shared server, storage, and network resource pools

We provide comprehensive and optimised turnkey virtualisation solutions for organisations of all sizes, across all verticals.
We are specialised for various type of virtualisation, including:

  • Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC)
  • Data Centre Operations
  • Cloud Management
  • End User Compute
  • Desktop Virtualisation
  • BYOD

Managed/Cloud services

Skilled IT resources are difficult to find and expensive to train. Coreit flexible, robust managed services customised to meet your business needs particularly aims to save your resources, money and time. Tap into our expertise managing, maintaining, and supporting the entire IT infrastructure and benefit from our field- tested tools and processes. Our managed services offerings deliver verified skills, processes, and management for servers, storage, backup and recovery, and networks, as well as the virtual data centre.

Built upon a fully-virtualized (Network/Compute/Storage) architecture, our services are available in Hosted Private Cloud (dedicated hosted) options. All infrastructure resides in secure data centres in Podgorica and Belgrade and is fully-managed and monitored on a 24 x 7 basis by Coreit engineers.

Our Services Include:

  • Archive
  • Backup
  • Cloud
    • Private Cloud DR
    • Private Cloud IaaS
  • Internet Services
    • Zimbra mail
    • Highly Secure cPanel Web Hosting Service
  • Managed Middleware
    • Jboss Hosted Services
    • IBM Middleware
  • Network
  • Server
  • Storage
  • Voice


Coreit can help you understand how to operationalise security and align it to your business goals. Leveraging our deep understanding of the data centre lifecycle, we help you identify and use actionable information to evaluate your current state and help you reach the next level. Additionally, our holistic approach ensures security is built into every project.

Coreit security services help you navigate and manage today’s complex security environment and ensure your investments deliver tangible business results.
Our security specialists, unique security technologies across the whole IT/OT chain offer unique expertise to:

  • People: Enable employees, partners, customers & citizens with Identity and access, privileged identity, federated indentity
  • Data/Voice: Safeguard data & voice communications DB and File server Security, data access control, monitoring, reporting, alarming, data masking, data classification, encrypting, ...
  • Application: App scanners, Web application firewall, ...
  • Protect IT & OT infrastructures with end-to-end resilient solutions
  • Network, endpoint and mobile: network IPS , Endpoint and Mobile (MDM), Authentication and policy enforcement
  • Security intelligence: SIEM, Vulnerability, Risk manager, Incident forensic
  • Defend 24x7 in real-time against attacks with advanced managed Security Services

Our core security expertise is not only to help you face cyber-threats, but also to help you leverage new business opportunities in domains such as mobile protection, safe Internet of Things deployment, big data protection and fraud management within our digital transformation approach.


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